May. 28th, 2011 03:37 pm

Summer is here, because today, our water park, Waterworld opened! Opening day is the best day to go because the weather still isn't great and a lot of people stay away. The park was deserted and we did not wait in line for anything. We rode everything in the park in about 2 hours, and played in the wave pool.

There are no new rides this year. Instead they invested in the infrastructure and making ADA improvements. The steepest hill is gone and in it's place are stairs on one side and a slow sloped switchback ramp on the other. They also took down the low wall around the wave pool.

The park will be packed next weekend once we're into nicer Summer weather. We've got season passes, so we'll be back soon.

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What a rip

May. 16th, 2011 01:07 pm

Hit Starbucks today for the first time in forever, a store I used to go to all the time last year. The drink I get has gone up $1 in the last year. I like the occasional Starbucks but damn, they've just pushed me out of the price point.
Good luck selling a $5 venti iced mocha in the 2011 summer economy guys.

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The Resort

Apr. 14th, 2011 11:56 am

This year for Coachella I'm staying at the WorldMark Resort in Indio. WorldMark is is the timeshare side of Wyndham and my buddy Dan is a member. He booked for the week of Coachella almost a year ago and
invited Robbie and I to stay here. The property is nice with lots of ammenities like pools, hot tubs and a gym complex. We've got a 3 bedroom apartment for the week with a full kitchen and our own rooms.

The resort has an odd cruise ship feel, with lots of families staying for the week. Its odd for it not to be summer but see kids here mid week. I guess it is spring break for some. More Coachella guests are supposed to arrive today.

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Apr. 3rd, 2011 05:54 pm

Gideon will eventually be a balance dog for Bob, if he needs him incase his balance goes with the MS. Right now the training is basic obedience, things like sit, stay, etc. Because we want to progress the training into service training, Bob got Gideon a service dog in training vest so we can take him out. He needs to get used to being out in public, and get used to people. He has learned to sit when someone says "can I say hello?" so that people can approach him to pet him. He'll learn later that when he is at work he has to focus, but he is still young and shy, so getting him used to new people is good. We took him to Bowling on Friday, had friends over last night, and took him to the apple store at the mall today. He has had a very social weekend!

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I took a look at the completed orders at the printshop this morning and saw a name I recognized. I walked back to my desk and checked the CRM (customer relations management) tool I use and saw it was a contact I had emailed a few weeks back. I told my boss it was someone I had contacted. The order had come in over the phone and I wasn't listed as selling it. The customer just came in to pick up the order and my boss asked how she heard about us. She confirmed that I had contacted her boss. it's a good thing I said something, as I'm working on comission and I every customer counts!

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Rumor has it this is cheap compared to some spots around the country. I just hope I don't look back at this and think "WOW look how cheap the gas was!" $3.31 a gallon. Not a good time to have a job where I need to drive.

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This whole seasons thing is just a suggestion, right? It got cold enough last night that our spring storm turned to snow and left about an inch on the ground. It won't last long as it is already 35 degrees at 8am. We're slated for more rain/snow on Wednesday and then solid 70's Thursday on. It's crazy to see pictures of the Bay Area flooding. I remember driving in those conditions and I don't miss it.

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Feb. 24th, 2011 11:28 am

Bob and I spent Presidents day weekend (Thursday - Tuesday) in Sab Francisco to support the last IBR and see friends.

The idea of friendship was on my mind a lot over the weekend. Friend is such an encompassing, catch-all of a word. I have a lot of people I call my friend but that doesn't mean the same thing for all of them. I have sone friends I would drop what I'm doing to help at a moments notice, and some I'm just not comfortable doing that for.

The weirdest thing is when someone you would move a mountain for wouldn't do the same for you. It's such an odd feeling.

I decided this weekend that there needs to be a term for someone you are friends with on Facebook, but you have blocked or you just fly over their entries. There were times over the weekend where I made mention to things in my life that I post liberally about online, and it was news to to someone who I'm "friends" with online. (you moved to Colorado? When did that happen?)

I don't care how many friends I have. It's the depth if the friendships I care about that matters.

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We came home from the long weekend to a new calf. She is already running around and looking cute. Our buddy Rudy watched the place for us while we were in San Francisco.

Rory, our doberman, is still with us, but she has slowed down and isn't eating much. She stopped being able to jump up on the bed last week, and this week can't really get up on the couch. She is eating people food this week.

The chickens made it through the cold weather and are back to laying about 4 eggs a day. We'll have a few more cold days before spring, but as long as they have food and water, they're happy.

We got the official email from HGTV'd that we were not selected to be on the show. I knew from the first time I saw the commercials that our space was too raw for them. Maybe once we've put up some stud walls and drywall someone will want to come out and give us a hand with it.

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Last night [livejournal.com profile] cobearbob and I saw The Airborne Toxic Event play with the Colorado Symphony. It was a good show, but it felt like the Audio Engineers were throttling the feed, perposfully not allowing the set to get too loud. It's a shame, because I didn't think we heard the full potential of the space. At one point, someone in the crowd yelled "I love you, but not in a gay way!" the lead singer Mickel said "I don't know how to feel about that" and I yelled "I love you in a gay way!" and the audience cheered and applauded. It was funny.

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There are a handful of red winged black birds scattered on the ground around our's and our neighbor's property. They appear to have just fallen out of the sky dead. I hope we make it to December 21st 2012. The apocalypse is nye!

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Test post so I can tell Jorge how to put his iPhone photo posts behind a cut )

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Bob and his mom. Lunch at Penny Lane's Pub in Old Saybrooke CT.

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I'd rather stay in an apartment than a hotel room. I've really enjoyed renting houses for Coachella, and the apartment we rented in England was a great jumping off point. I'm really glad to be in more of an apartment space here in New England for the week.

Even before I caught on to the apartment thing, I would do what I needed to do to make myself comfortable when staying in a hotel somewhere. If they didn't have extra pillows or enough towels, I've been known to go to Target after checking in to get what I need to be comfortable through the week.

The place we're staying now has a nice coffee maker in the kitchenette. Having stayed in enough hotels with crappy coffee, this trip I packed along a pound of my favorite blend from home and picked up some nice big coffee mugs for just a few bucks at Walgreens. It's nice to sit out watching the waves crash on Long Island Sound and not have to get up and rush off to hunt a cup of coffee in the morning.

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I'm in Southern Connecticut, along Long Island Sound, in Westbrook CT. Bob and I are here seeing his family for the extended Thanksgiving week. We flew into Boston on Friday night and drove down. We were here last Christmas, so ive seen the area before. Bob's parents have a time share here, so we've got a small one bedroom apartment to stay in for the week, which is really nice. The area is booming in the summer, so the fall has a sleepy town feel. The fall colors are almost gone, but still pretty.

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I just came through security at Denver Intl. It's the busiest time of year for air travel so the TSA was making it as expedient as possible. They have a body wave scanner, but multiple lanes that are just metal detecters, so you can opt not to get scanned. I didn't get patted down, but then that is because I didnt set off the detecter. It amazes me how many people do, or even worse, tie up the line removing jewelry, complicated shoes, belts, jackets and sweaters, etc. Its been 8 years with TSA stops, why don't people know how to dress to go to the airport? When I get to the checkpoint I have my shoes off, my belt, wallet, phone, etc in my bag, my pockets empty and no watches/jewelry on my person. I'm not surprised the TSA want to make it difficult for people who set off the scanners, when every other person seems to do it.

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It's our last morning here and our flight home is this afternoon. The flight parts have become my least favorite of traveling. There is so much hurrying up and waiting, all at the same time.

It has been a nice weekend. Lots of sites seen from Hyde park and Harrods to the Saatchi Gallery and Camden Market. We met up with my friend Denny for dinner on Saturday, then a night out at the Wellie and XXL. We didn't stay out too late or get too inebriated, so we could still see sites the next day.

Our flight is at 3:45 and we land in Denver at 6:25. I'm going to attempt to stay awake, as I have to work on Tuesday.

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This is a fox in the road in Brighton, not far from where we're staying.

On Sunday morning I went with my Aunt Jane, Grandmother, Dad and Bob to a car boot sale (flea market) at the Brighton Marina. There wasn't a lot to see, but we walked around. We came back for Brunch of sausages and toast, then walked the north lanes where I found a Sex, Drugs and Sausage Roll T shirt. We had Indian food for dinner and then joined my Aunts and friends at The Charles Napier for a pub quiz. I did pretty well with obscure movie and music stuff, but wad no help on the more British things, like TV trivia. We saw the fox as we walked back to our flat.

This morning we got up and hopped in the car with my dad to join him and Dennis at the Southhampton Boat show. The boat show is the largest in Europe, with every boating type thing you could imagine. Bob, Dennis and my dad were particularly interested in the tech toys like navigation devices, etc. There were all sorts of boats in the water, from saling yauchts to luxury ones to the HNS Dauntless, a big battleship. We had to be back in Brighton by 5 and were really disappointed to leave the show.

We returned to Brighton for a full old fashioned roast beef dinner put on by my Aunt. It was delicious, with all the trimmings.

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Sep. 11th, 2010 06:04 pm

We had lunch today in a small village to the east of Brighton called Alfriston. I was hoping for a pub lunch, but we were taken to a small restaurant that my aunt likes with a limited menu. It was a bit too fancy for my tastes with small, well presented portions and was more French than English.

England has a national trust that has preserved old buildings since the late 1800s. The first building bought by the National Trust is the Clergy House in Alfriston. Standing since 1350, it isn't as it was originally, but the trust has done a good job chronicalling the changes to it up until it became theirs in 1896. There was an open house today and we explored it after lunch.

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Scissor Sisters live at the Ogden theater, Denver, CO. September 6th, 2010

Night work
Any which way
She's my man
Something like this
Whole new way
Tits on the Radio
The harder you get
Running out
Take your mama out
Kiss you Off
I don't feel like Dancin
Skin tight
Skim this Cat
Fire with Fire
Paul McCartney
Night life
Comfortably Numb
Invisible light
Filthy Gorgeous

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