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The Aristocrats is an old Vaudvillian joke. It's not a particularly good joke, but it is a joke that reflects the humor of the person telling it. Its been around so long no one is really sure of how it originally goes, but the trick is to make it as disgustingly funny as possible. The magicians Penn and Teller have been working the comedy circuit long enough to have heard tell of the joke, and how it was just a huge part of the fraturnity of comedians. It was always the joke you told your friends offstage, at 3am, when you could trust everyone who was listening.

The best thing about The Aristocrats is that the stand out performances are not by the super-huge names you would expect, but by the heroes of the joke, like Gilbert Gottfried, George Carlin, Eric Cartman (yes, that Eric Cartman) Bob Saget and Sara Silverman. What ends up happening, is the comedians that they gather to tell the joke and the history behind it, end up cracking themselves up and turning the movie into a tribute to the art form of joke telling. Like the telephone game, you get to hear some great twists on the same joke, a really bad joke, but every comedian that tells it is so naturally funny, you end up laughing the entire time.



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