Green Day.

Oct. 14th, 2005 03:35 pm

Green Day / The Network live @ the Warfield, Thursday October 13th, 2005 San Francisco, CA

Rumor has it that The Network are really Green Day in disguise. They sound a lot alike and are on Billy Joe's record label. The best thing about the Network, is that they really don't seem to like Green Day a whole lot. The Network perform in masks and pumped the Warfield so full of fog all you could see were figures in an illuminated fog bank.

Rotten Robbie and I had seats. Tickets were pretty hard to come by. Thankfully, Robbie has some kick ass friends and we were down on the floor in a great spot for the Green Day set. As the band took stage, we were to the left on the bottom floor level, leaned up against the second tier level wall. The band announced that they were shooting footage, and that they would be playing American Idiot cover to cover. I was a bit disappointed, as I am more of a fan of the last 2 albums.

After Playing A.I., the boys came back and played Longview and Minority. They said good night and walked off. We stuck around for the encore and Green Day ended up playing for an additional 2 HOURS. They played everything I wanted to hear (particularly J.A.R. and She) plus lots of B sides, and covers. They rocked to Rock the casbah and did Billy Idol's Dancin With Myself, plus the Ramones, Queen, The Who and a Midwest melody. Robbie and I ended up leaving around 12:30, as we both had dates to get to!
I'd heard quite a bit about LCD Soundsystem, so when I was at Amoeba around my Birthday, I picked up their double disc of new cuts and previous singles. i immediately got into the groovy beats and smart lyrics, so when Robbie asked if I wanted to see LCD and The Jaun McLean @ the Fillmore on their umpteenth time through town, I said "Sure!".

As the show neared, and being the first show I saw after The Franz Incident, I was worried that I wouldn't have any fun. I thought the crowd might be obnoxious. After "the incident", it almost felt like concerts were ruined forever. Yes, I was gunshy. When we got there we hooked up with Robbie's Brother Tom and his Neice Claire. His niece is around 12, and when it comes to music, she has an impressive list of concerts she's seen.

The Fillmore was not very crowded and we spotted friends in the crowd, including [ profile] mindplay, [ profile] trckrfckr, [ profile] gabecentric, Bill, Jeff and a gaggle of other bears. Tom and Claire were hungry, so half way through The Juan McLean's set we went upstairs to the poster bar. A magnificent room, wall to wall with classic Fillmore posters. Tom and Claire said the chicken strips were to die for. I Chatted with Gabe and Bill while Juan rocked out down below.

We went down to the main floor as LCD was setting up. Its so cute when small bands are their own roadies. We positioned Claire along the edge so she could see and Robbie and I ducked into the center of the crowd, about 4 back from the front. They opened with "On Repeat". It was a great show and Robbie and I were bopping around like crazy, as was the rest of the crowd. It was a younger crowd that Franz Ferdiand, and much more respectful. Everyone there was really into it. Even though I'm sure everyone there knew a lot of the words, no one was singing obnoxiously or causing a fuss. Everyone was encouraged to sing along for a few bars of "Daft Punk is playing at my House" though.

The show was shorter than most, but It wasn't packed with lots of mindless filler. Robbie dropped me off and Market so he could make it down to SOMA before 11,... but not before we ripped LCD posters off the walls on our way out.

UK Download festival, Shoreline Ampitheater, October 8th, 2005 Mountainview, CA

Saturday October 8th was the long awaited UK Download festival at shoreline. I'm typically not a fan of festival shows and typically detest shoreline. The line-up, however, was too good to miss. Out of the bands playing, I managed to see through the day:

The Lovemakers - A great local group out of Oakland. They sounded really good up there, very engaging.

Ambulance, Ltd. - Sounded pretty good. I'm not familiar with them though. They were selling copies of there set afterwards. I love technology.

Mindless Self Indulgence Sucked. The only good things they did were: 1)When the audience started throwing things, they pulled out a shopping list of things they needed and requested the audience through those items. 2)They left stage early.

British Sea Power - The first band I saw on the main stage. They wern't accustomed to playing to an almost empty stadium, but they had fun and sounded good. Very mellow.

The Doves - Were cute and woofy with a good sound to them. They didn't look like they were having much fun though. No one wants to play to empty seats.

The Arcade fire - RAWKED! They are like 8 members strong and all rotate instruments. They have such a rich sound and I dug it. During their final song, they got the Extra Action Marching Band! (think your highschool marching band, gone punk.) to come out and play with them. It was pandemonium.

(DJ Adrienne played between acts and got boo'ed off stage. Never play something by a band that is going to be playing later in the day!)

Modest Mouse - was disappointing. I'm not a big modest mouse fan. I was hoping they would redeem themselves with a good live show, but they just sounded flat. They barely moved on stage and didn't try to engage the audience. Unfortunately, their set ran long as well.

The Killers - I would see them play anywhere. It was obvious that They have been touring on Hot Fuss for a long time, and that time is drawing to a close. They commented on how bittersweet it was and that they are ready to start recording new material. Their drummer is phenominal live and Brandon Flowers' voice was not disappointing. (after seeing them live on MTV, I had my doubts) They played most of Hot Fuss, including the bonus track Glamourous Indie Rock and Roll which most of the crowd did not know.

For the price, it was a great show and I got to see lots of bands I've wanted to see. I still can't fathom things like $8 beers, people who only show up for the headliners, and people who talk during the show.

(stock photo)The New Pornographers - Live @ Bimbo's 365, September 28th, 2005 San Francisco, CA

Kevin and Jeff gave me a ticket to The New Pornographers and a compelation album of their stuff for my Birthday. I met the Dynamic duo along with Peter at the Lonestar before the show and we headed up to North Beach. Bimbo's is a great old swanky lounge/bar space with red velvet and shag everywhere. The dancefloor is spacious and its a nice venue to see a show.

Jeff and I went up to see the opening act while Kevin and Peter hung back. Immaculate Machine were pretty awful. Jeff and I had a great time making fun of them though.

The New Pornographers took the stage 7 members strong. 2 lead sings, 2 keyboardists, guitarists, bassist and drummer, everyone singing back-up vocals, gives the band a great fleshy sound. The lead singers, (one male, one female) alternate as well as singing duets. Jeff and both noticed that the band was completely unpretentious. They bantered very well with the audience and were relaxed and having fun. The music rocked and Jeff and I were jumping up and down.

Kevin and Peter shot to the back of the hall though because the crowd near us was completely obnoxious. They talked through the entire set and were very pushy. How the fans act at a show can make or break my opinion sometimes. It is a testiment to how good the New Pornographers are that my experience wasn't tainted by a crappy audience.

*my own photo to be loaded later, been bad at downloading from the camera lately.
Jeremy, Dan and I went to see the Odd Men Out tour last night @ Davies Symphony Hall. We had a 4th ticket, but couldn't find a 4th person to go at the last minute. The line up included Ben Lee, Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright. Ben Lee and Ben Folds toured Australia with Ben Yelen as The Bens so with Rufus in for Yelen, the tour became "Odd Men Out". For those who came late, Ben Lee rocked and probably put the most heart into the show. It was a great set, with lots of audience participation and a great experience. Ben Folds was there to have a good time. He sounded great, although the drum and bass was a bit overloaded. He did a rock out cover of Dr. Dre's Bitches Ain't Shit, a piano solo for Brick and just generally had a good time. I would have liked to have heard Army, The Battle of Who Could Care Less or Rockin' the Suburbs. The Ben fans were in full force, including a girl who rushed the stage during Gracie. What a rookie. Everyone knows you jook right once you hit the stage. If you bee-line for the celeb, security will nab you right away. Get behind the piano first, then run around.

Rufus came out during Ben Folds' set and they did their duet of Careless Whispers, a definite highlight of the show! Rufus was on last and had his sister singing back-up for him. Definite family talent there. I was hoping to hear Instant Pleasure but his duet with his sister on Hallelujah was just blow-out. There wasn't much time for an encore, but Rufus made a quick re-appear for 2 last songs.

Davies Symphony hall is one of my favorite venues for shows, just because of the amazing acoustics. I prefer a small, general admission standing crowd, but if its got to be seats, there is no where better than Davies.

(stock photo)The Donnas - Live @ the Napa County Fair Thursday, August 11th, 2005

Yesterday afternoon pharmbearMike and I left San Francisco for warmer climes and heading over the river and through the woods to meet up with Rotten Robbie to see The Donnas play the Napa County fair. The show just rocked my socks off. They were amazingly good. I could not believe they were playing a county fair. They confessed to not having a soundcheck, so I forgave the fact that the drums were a bit over-amped and the vocals could have been turned up to 11, but over all, they sounded tight. The girls all looked really good and were genuinely surprised by the reaction they got from the crowd. I don't think they expected anyone to turn up who knew who they were, especially not bears from San Francisco. We stood to the side for most of the show as the center was lined with benches and security guards were bullying folks into staying seated. That all changed with the encore and everyone was on their feet. Thanks again to pharmbearMike for being my partner in crime. We didn't get back to SF until after 10, past both of our bedtimes. It was well worth it though.
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The Black Crowes(Photo courtesy

My brother Jeremy, his friend Justin and I went to see the Black Crowes at the Fillmore last night. It was an interesting show. Chris Robinson's voice was amazing, as good as ever. They jammed for most of the show, the only song I recognized was Thorn in my Pride. Kate Hudson could be seen throughout the show sitting on the box overlooking the stage.
KAISER CHIEFS LIVE @ THE FILLMORE JULY 25TH, 2005. SAN FRANCISCO, CA. PHOTO CREDIT: RADCITY.COM. Last night was a late night, and I have been hating life since I woke at 4:45 this morning. The show did not start until 9pm, and with two opening acts: The Cribs (From Wakefield) and Brendan Benson and the stiff tissues (from Detroit) so the Kaiser Chiefs did not take the stage until after 11pm. The show was electric, with a ton of energy from a band that could have commanded a much larger audience. Although it would have been brilliant to have seen them play Slims when they first came through town, seeing them at the Fillmore was a treat, as I know they won't play venues that small for long. The band was shooting some footage, which made for some interesting moments on stage. When they palyed their smash I Predict a Riot the crowd went nuts. If you've ever been to the Fillmore and felt what happens to the floor when the crowd goes nuts, you know what I am talking about. Although I am hating life this morning, I am glad I went last night.

(Rating: 6 out of 7 possible scorch marks)



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