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Burning bay area bridges since 1989!

...That's why they call me Pyro.

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Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:Brighton, Colorado, United States of America
If you have any sense to you whatsoever, you will not go on reading, let alone continue on to read any of the pages contained here-in. None of the useless drivel spilled upon this "journal" or "blog" or "self-indulgent spewmfest" has anything to with puppies, bunnies or any other fluffie efluvium you can think of. You will find here a collection of interpretations, gossip, the occasional piece of venom, a picture of a garden gnome, CONTENT THAT IS ADULT IN NATURE, details on the next Bonfire, a few rusty nails and the general psychological picture of someone who has no clue who he is, where he is, what he wants or what the universe is all about. And he likes it that way.

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007, 80's muscle cars, a good practical joke, action figures, addidas, adult swim, adventure, anger, anime, anthropology, archery, armpits, artemis fowl, astralwerks, battlestar galactica, bdsm, beards, bears, blur, bollocks, bonfires, boots, brit-pop, british bulldog, bull-terriers, camping, cinema, clubs, coachella music festival, coffee, coit tower, concerts, cooking, critical mass, cross stitching, cuddling, custard style yogart, daft punk, dancing, disco balls, ecv, england, evil woodland creatures, family, film, films, fire, fireworks, flux, friends, fur, game nights, garbage, get fuzzy, gnomes, goatees, hayao miyazaki, hooliganism, hopper, horror, hot chip, humor, imported beer, indian food, kissing, latex, laughter, leather, leather bears, legos, leisure, lichenstein, little britain, live music, london, love, luke chueh, mash-ups, men, milan, milk and cookies, modern art, modern life is rubbish, movie nights, movies, muppets, music, netflix, new order, new rock, ogres, parklife, patrick warburton, pearls before swine, philosophy, photography, pie, placebo, playtime, politics, pool parties, pranks, prog rock, psychology, pud, punk, reading, ready player one, reality, redwoods, revenge, robyn, roller coasters, rollercoasters, ron mueck, rugby, san francisco, scissor sisters, self-deprication, shameless, ska, slumdog millionaire, snowboarding, snuggling, soccer, spooning, stargazing, suits, tattoos, tea, technology, the beach, the decemberists..., the examiner, the killers, the office, the postal service, the shins, the tick, the umbrella academy, theme parks, themeparks, thunderstorms, tonka, transformers, travel, traveling, trust, velvet goldmine, versatility, walking at night, whatever
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