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It's nice to have pool parties to go to when it's averaging 92 this weekend. Yesterday, our friend Wayne had people over to his apartment complex. While it was painfully obvious to me that it wasn't a private event, some of the attendees acted like it was. Wayne wasn't the only one in the 12 unit building to have friends and family over to use the complex pool on a hot day. One guy was in the pool with his kid, a group of girls were drinking Mimosas, and one girl had her parents over. I already felt bad that the 30 of us that Wayne had over were dominating the grill and picnic table. It started to get out of hand when one friend decided to "pants" another, pulling his shorts down from behind. Luckily the kid who was there didn't see, but I was embarrassed by it. I like Wayne, and I want to be able to go over to his pool again, so I don't want his neighbors complaining about bad behavior. I love a good joke, but the immaturity level was out of control. Most of the bad behavior was one or two guys, one of which is a really good friend, so I wanted to ring the guy's neck by the end of the afternoon. What's OK at a private pool in someone's backyard is NOT OK in mixed company at someone's apartment complex.
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