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I've been in San Diego this past week. The reason for the trip being my parents 40th wedding anniversary. They wanted to go away somewhere with us, so they rented a house in San Diego, and we all came down.

The main event was a big party on Saturday night at the house they rented and relatives flew in from CA, TX and DC. The last time the family was all together was in April, 2010 for my Grandmother's 90th Birthday. Some of my parents and brothers friends came as well, so it was seeing a lot of old faces.

San Diego itself has been fun. We did some touristy stuff like Old Towne, Seaworld and The San Diego Zoo.

We spent some time with locals too. I was invited to the 619 Bearcast on Wednesday night, Bears in the Park on Friday, and we spent some time on Pecs Patio on Sunday too.

The best part of the trip has been relaxing and checking out of everything. Today was the first time I've pulled up facebook and Livejournal while I've been here. Lots of time has been spent drinking beer in the pool.

More pics to come. I need to sort and upload.

Left to Right - Top Row: Great Uncle Jim, Great Aunt Margaret, Maria and Colin, Alan, Sharalyn and Jeremy (Jeralyn), Aunt Petra and Uncle Bob, Mwah!
Bottom Row: Cousin Kira, Jude, Gideon and Bob
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