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My older brother, Colin, called and asked me if I could do a little graphic design project for him this week. His Boss is leaving, and the guy has an expression, "Don't bring me any stinky fish!". His team wanted to blow up the guy's badge to poster size and have everyone sign it. Colin thought that looked too much like something you'd see at a memorial service, and I tended to agree. Colin's idea was to take the book cover for Douglas Adams' "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish" and make it into a poster.

Let me preface by saying Colin is a smart guy. He's got a poly-sci/Rhetoric degree from UC Davis and works in HR for Genentech. The image he sent me for the "So long and Thanks for All the Fish" book cover was the above 400 pixel wide 72 dpi file he downloaded from Amazon.

I told him it would be OK, and that I'd just re-create it. I put a request out on Facebook, and had two friends who had a physical copy scan it and send it to me at a higher dpi. I grabbed a background file, typeset it, and grabbed the images off of the higher scan.

So, here is my re-created "Happy Trails Ken" poster:

Colin and his team were blown away by what I did. It's simple photoshop for me, but I guess for them, it was a rather daunting task. It was nice to be able to spend an hour on the couch creating it, and in the process helping out my brother Colin.

Date: 2011-05-29 11:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] spikejrt.livejournal.com

Good work. It is about tools and talent. When you have both stuff like that is "easy"...



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