Jun. 3rd, 2011

Coachella announced the above this past Tuesday.

[livejournal.com profile] djrottenrobbie and I have been talking, and it makes sense, to us, to go to both weekends. Coachella is something that we love to go do, and attending both weekends seems like a way to cut down on conflicts and get to experience the sets we loved once all over again. The cost of flights are the same, the additional expenses would be the house, rental car and time off work.

I'll probably get lay away tickets for both weekends today, and then start saving up for the rest. Getting the time off work is up in the air, but then there's just as much of a chance that I won't be working where I am now when Coachella comes around next year. Even if I end up passing on one of the weekends, I can easily resell the extra Coachella pass that I get now.

Also, it would be nice to have the week in-between to relax and enjoy Palm Springs. It's always a rush to get up and get back on Monday, even to make an afternoon flight.

I'm curious as to the different dynamics that will come into play between the two weekends. The bear contingent that goes is already talking about going the first weekend, so that first Coachella may be more social, and the second ends up being about catching all the bands that we missed or loved the first weekend.



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