May. 15th, 2011


May. 15th, 2011 06:33 pm

I did not have a bonfire this weekend.

We had planned to have a bonfire this weekend.

Last Monday and Tuesday, red flag warnings were in place. It was hot and dry, so no fires allowed. We saw rain on the calendar for Wednesday, which sounded good. A little bit of rain to abait the problem, and we'd be dry and ready to go for a bonfire on Saturday. We even picked up a keg of Sierra Nevada last weekend.

Shoot to Tuesday night, and the rains came. It rained from Tuesday night to Thursday night, 3" in 48 hours, saturating the grounds and turning our backyard into a mudpit. The forecast called for continued rain into Saturday, so we cancelled the bonfire.

We're all set for a fire once the weather turns nicer again, but we're glad we didn't have one this weekend, although it would have been nice if the conditions were right. So much for a month of planning.

Holy crap Gideon has gotten big quick.

The benchmarks for us are the other dogs. He started out smaller than the basenji's, Jarod and Sugar, and is now bigger than Rusty, our akita/beagle.

He is super-rambunctious, which is to be expected for a 6 month old puppy. He loves to chase the other dogs around the house, which they don't think is quite as fun.

He's also super-cuddly. He's going to be a big boy, some I'm enjoying the days when I can still pick him up and wrestle with him.

We're doing rounds of classes with him at petsmart. He passed puppy classes, and is moving on to obedience classes in June.

The picture above is part of a set I posted to Facebook yesterday. Pictures are just easier to post there.

We're going camping next weekend, and in our house, that doesn't mean tents and air mattresses. We pulled the 5th wheel camper out from the side of the barn, where it's sat for the past two years and started dusting it off today.

Bob worked on all the technical stuff, cleaning out the pipes and making sure all the electrical still works, which I worked on the physical dusting of the insides. The section to the left, that goes over the bed of the truck is a bedroom with a queen bed. there is a living room in the middle there, and then the back on the right is the kitchen with oven, microwave and fridge.

We went shopping and stocked up like we're off for the apocalypse. It should be a fun weekend at Mueller state park in Southern Colorado with friends. Lots of board games, reading, etc.. but I need my creature comforts.

Monarchy. Monarchy. Twitter = @MonarchySound

Monarchy. They occupied this little empty spot on Friday night between Cut Copy and Robyn, just a tent over in Gobi. I'd looked them up before Coachella, but the album I found turned out not to be them. As it turns out, they're a pop music DJ Duo from London who burned up Bestival. Orme and JP were psyched to see them, and that's a good sign, as Orme turned me on to one of my favorite bands post Bestival last year, Delphic.

Monarchy's set blew both [ profile] djrottenrobbie and I away, and when we got back, Robbie, Dan and I found out that their album wasn't available in the US yet. Like Daft Punk, Monarchy play in masks and don't reveal who they really are. It's supposed to be about the music, not the rockstar.

Since Coachella, Robbie has been getting his hands on the remixes of every Monarchy song he could find, and all the remixes Monarchy did of other bands. Last week I got my hands on the UK release of their debut, self-titled album and I've fallen deeply, deeply in love.

My favorite song, Maybe I'm Crazy takes me right back to the Gobi tent at Coachella, going ape with the crowd, feeling like the song would play for ever, a glorious, euphoric feeling.

Another favorite of theres for me is their single, I Can't Let You Go. Here is the video from youtube. Judge for yourself.



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