May. 2nd, 2011

Work Sucks

May. 2nd, 2011 04:49 pm

This is the new Adam's County Government building. It just opened, and all of the administrative departments have taken up residence in the building. The building is completely secure, meaning that you have to have a key-card to get anywhere past the lobby, even to make the elevators work.

Being the account manager of a print shop, I need to be able to access my clients that have now moved into this building, and that is no longer possible. I'm no longer able to make deliveries to anywhere but an ancillary loading dock area. I can't show customers a proof of their job without them having to come down to the lobby to see it. If the contacts I have there now quit or retire, there is no way for me to continue working for them/with them, because I won't be able to get in to see the new staff member.

I had to make a delivery to the building today, to the Finance Department. They told me to deliver it to the 4th floor, to their office as I used to do in their old building, however the woman at the front desk lobby was not happy to see me with a delivery in her lobby on a small dolly. She told me I could not make the delivery, and that I had to go to the loading dock. I said it was a rush, and that Finance was waiting for the order that they had to have by 4:30. The front desk receptionist reluctantly called up and my contact came down. I could not go up into the building. My contact had to take my dolly up to her office while I waited for her to return with it. What a victory for National Security.

Leaving the building, I ran into Jimmy from Canon. He was there installing copiers in the building. Not only is the county doing everything they can to make it hard for me to work with them, they are taking a lot of their work in house, instead of supporting local small businesses.

It's really hard to succeed right now.



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