Mar. 28th, 2011

This whole seasons thing is just a suggestion, right? It got cold enough last night that our spring storm turned to snow and left about an inch on the ground. It won't last long as it is already 35 degrees at 8am. We're slated for more rain/snow on Wednesday and then solid 70's Thursday on. It's crazy to see pictures of the Bay Area flooding. I remember driving in those conditions and I don't miss it.

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Rumor has it this is cheap compared to some spots around the country. I just hope I don't look back at this and think "WOW look how cheap the gas was!" $3.31 a gallon. Not a good time to have a job where I need to drive.

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I took a look at the completed orders at the printshop this morning and saw a name I recognized. I walked back to my desk and checked the CRM (customer relations management) tool I use and saw it was a contact I had emailed a few weeks back. I told my boss it was someone I had contacted. The order had come in over the phone and I wasn't listed as selling it. The customer just came in to pick up the order and my boss asked how she heard about us. She confirmed that I had contacted her boss. it's a good thing I said something, as I'm working on comission and I every customer counts!

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