Mar. 23rd, 2011

What?? Three nights out in a row, and all weeknights?? CRAZY, I know! Who is this guy??

I definitely feel like hibernation is over and this week has been the biggest example of that. I am ready for a night in tonight.

Last night, however, [ profile] zbear20 was in town and we met up for dinner and then "Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark" A.K.A. OMD at the Bluebird, a small venue on Colfax. Oh Land opened and she was a lot of fun.

We were met by Mark and Chris for the main set, and OMD really put on a good show. At times it felt surreal, like an 80's prom flashback. I was left reminded how imbedded OMD's songs were with the 80's and 80's nostalgia, to the point that they have songs I've heard for years, but never knew were theirs. They really wanted to please the crowd, so played every one of their hits, plus a lot of their new album. The show was incredibly high energy for a group of guys now in their 50's. These guys deserve to be much bigger pop stars than they are.

This doesn't work. I tried one yesterday and I was yawning an hour into it. If I hadn't gotten it free, I'd ask for my money back.



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