Mar. 22nd, 2011

An interesting thing has happened here on the desert plains of Colorado. We've had very little rain or snow this past winter, however a greater than average snowpack has formed in the foothills and Rockies. We're good for water come this Spring, but we just didn't see much of it here. The biggest snowfall we had brought less than 3 inches, and we've had under 5 snowstorms. March is typically the snowiest month here on the Colorado Plains, but it's not looking like it's going to happen this year.

I like snow. Snow days are nice. I'm glad we didn't get pounded with storms like the east coast, or pounded with rain like Northern California. We're already hitting 70 degree days, but we might see one last storm this coming weekend. The conditions that cause heavy snowfall in the Denver area collectively are called upslope. It's when a storm comes in from the east and gets stuck, not able to go over the Rockies, and dumps all over the Front Range. The moisture would be nice.

I don't like monochromatic landscapes. That's what we've had ever since October. It's been 6 months of dormant grass, with little to no color. It gets a little depressing. It's amazing how shocking San Diego or Oakland look in comparison when I fly in. It's so verdant. I'm ready for Spring, some warmer temps, and some green grass to spring forth.



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