Mar. 21st, 2011

I got a group together to see Scissor Sisters again at the Ogden in Denver last night. It was nice to get a lot of the Denver music guys together in one place, as it is hit and miss as to who hears about what show, and who will actually turn up.

Unfortunately, Scissor Sisters played the same setlist that they played last time there were here on September 6th. The order wasn't exactly the same, but enough so that most of us who were at the September show knew we were in for the same show by the 3rd song. That isn't necessarily a bad thing if you just like shaking your ass to Scissor Sisters, but it would have been nice to hear "Music Is the Victim" at least. For the encore, Jake came out an acknowledged that they had just been here 6 months ago playing a similar set, so they did an acoustic version of "Sex and Violence". (Which was really good)

Playing a headlining gig in a city you've just been to is an excuse to do something fun or different. It's their chance to really rock out and play some B-Sides or fun covers. When I saw Garbage twice on their last album, they did 2 great compendium shows 4 months apart that really allowed them to go deeper into the new album on the second show, and hit some older favorites.

I'm apprehensive about seeing Scissor Sisters at Coachella now. If they are going to do the same set list that they've been touring on for the last year, I may skip them to see someone else.

Tonight I went to my first Front Range Bears Book Club meeting. I didn't know the local bear group had a book club until my friend Jeff found out I like to read. He forwarded the group's email and I found out the book last week and read it over the weekend.

The book was In The Sanctuary of Outcasts by Neil White. It was a quick read, and a rather interesting story about America's only Leper Colony (Hanson's disease sufferers). I could have done without the parts about Neil's own story though. He says Pride is his biggest enemy and needs to get over his need to impress others, but the whole side of his book about his story feels sugar-coated and glossy.

The Book is set in a leprosarium in Louisiana in 1991 called Carville, where the patients are dwindling and the Federal Government has allowed the Bureau of Prisons to move into the empty space. Neil White is sent there for a year as a prisoner, and it is his telling of the patient's stories that brings a humanity to their condition.



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