Feb. 24th, 2011

We came home from the long weekend to a new calf. She is already running around and looking cute. Our buddy Rudy watched the place for us while we were in San Francisco.

Rory, our doberman, is still with us, but she has slowed down and isn't eating much. She stopped being able to jump up on the bed last week, and this week can't really get up on the couch. She is eating people food this week.

The chickens made it through the cold weather and are back to laying about 4 eggs a day. We'll have a few more cold days before spring, but as long as they have food and water, they're happy.

We got the official email from HGTV'd that we were not selected to be on the show. I knew from the first time I saw the commercials that our space was too raw for them. Maybe once we've put up some stud walls and drywall someone will want to come out and give us a hand with it.

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Feb. 24th, 2011 11:28 am

Bob and I spent Presidents day weekend (Thursday - Tuesday) in Sab Francisco to support the last IBR and see friends.

The idea of friendship was on my mind a lot over the weekend. Friend is such an encompassing, catch-all of a word. I have a lot of people I call my friend but that doesn't mean the same thing for all of them. I have sone friends I would drop what I'm doing to help at a moments notice, and some I'm just not comfortable doing that for.

The weirdest thing is when someone you would move a mountain for wouldn't do the same for you. It's such an odd feeling.

I decided this weekend that there needs to be a term for someone you are friends with on Facebook, but you have blocked or you just fly over their entries. There were times over the weekend where I made mention to things in my life that I post liberally about online, and it was news to to someone who I'm "friends" with online. (you moved to Colorado? When did that happen?)

I don't care how many friends I have. It's the depth if the friendships I care about that matters.

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