Jan. 27th, 2011

Yesterday morning James Lee posted to Facebook that he wasn't able to buy tickets to Coachella on ticketmaster. We all ran to the ticketmaster site and checked. Tickets still showed, but only with a shuttle pass. The Coachella site changed, and no longer had layaway tickets and said that only a limited number of tickets were left, and only with the shuttle pass. The festival was completely sold out by last night.

Tickets had originally gone on sale on Friday, so to sell out around 60,000 tickets in 5 days is mindblowing. A lot of my friends who were thinking about going had not gotten tickets yet. Some have now decided not to go, and some will try and find tickets through other vendors like stubhub.

When you buy tickets this year, the only option is fedex. The site says passes will be shipped 3 weeks beforehand. As there was a long delay getting in last year with people exchanging their tickets for wristbands, so I wonder if they will ship the actual wristbands this year. No matter what they ship, there will be a big scramble 3 weeks before with sold out tickets going on craigslist. It will be interesting to see what the $320 3 day passes/wristband goes for once it gets closer to the event.

I bought my Coachella passes on Tuesday, the day before they sold out. I don't know what prompted me to do it, but I had the feeling I needed to then. I got my 3 day pass without having to get the shuttle pass.



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