Jan. 17th, 2011

American Schools are more segregated today than when MLK was alive When I was last at home in Fremont, my Mom told me some stories about what my old High School is like today. My Mom still teaches in the Fremont Unified School District, so she hears stories and updates about Mission San Jose High School. Not long after I was out of high school, the district went to a magnet school model, my high school becoming the math and science magnet. It was in the national news in 2002 for disbanding its football teams, not having enough students interested in playing. (When I attended, there was a Varsity, JV and frosh team.) At the same time there were over 500 kids trying out for the badminton team. Jump forward to today, and the son of a family friend transferred out of Mission to Irvington high school, because he was bullied for being white. Being so academically geared, Mission has become heavily asian, indian and middle eastern. I remember Mission being a pretty diverse place when I went there 15 years ago, but I guess that is enough time for a drastic change to occur.

I'm chomping at the bit for this years Coachella poster to be revealed. Rumor is it will be announced on KROQ tomorrow at 5pm and it is like waiting to open presents on Christmas morning.

So, yes, despite being unemployed, I'm going to Coachella. I got some Southwest giftcards for Christmas so I'm flying in and out of Ontario and staying with a friend in Indio while I'm there.



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